What kinds of pocket knives are desirable by chefs?

This is a general fact that there are lots of qualities that are desired by chefs to be witnessed in their pocket knives set. If you are still struggling to know about those important qualities, then we can guide you about them. Below you see and catch up with the important properties that have to be present and truly depicting in a Damascus pocket knife.

What kinds of pocket knives are designed by professional and expert chefs?

  • We understand that custom pocket knives are marked and known to be multi-purpose tools. Though this is a small in size knife, functions as a versatile-looking knife. Chefs desire those kinds of pocket knives that are lightweight and compact. Furthermore, this tool is identified to be an everyday carry and keychain multi-tool. So, all chefs can have a pocket knife that comes with a screwdriver, keychain bottle opener and also keychain knife, and much more.
  • If you are a beginner level chef, then have the pocket knife that has a straight edge blade. It should be crafted in 7Cr17MoV stainless steel. We have observed that chefs mark and consider this tool as a mini survival tool.
  • This knife is generally used for cutting duties and also for opening packages. Chefs are free to utilize it for completing any of their small and general tasks. Such a kind of knife comes along with a toolset. In that toolset, you can even have pliers, wire cutter, screwdriver as well as small and large screwdrivers. Moreover, that same toolset is accompanied by a file, bottle opener, and even gripper and pocket clip.

Other elements to consider 

  • Other elements should be considered when designing a pocket knife for chefs. Most importantly, that pocket knife should be built to last. If chefs regularly clean, maintain and lubricate it, then that knife can ensure extended and prolonged longevity. Its overall design has to look and arrive in the handiest form. Moreover, it should have the potential to tackle any job with ease and convenience.
  • And do consider this fact that whether your pocket knife is crafted and manufactured based on 7Cr17MoV stainless steel. It should have a razor-sharp edge the minute you take that knife out of the box. All these elements are going to give excellent and amazing edge retention quality to your knife. By excellent edge retention, we mean that pocket will allow you to do more cutting along with less sharpening.

More about pocket knives

It is constantly desired by cooks and other individuals to have a pocket knife that carries an ultra-compact design in it. Though it is shorter looking, it should be lightweight. We have seen that many versions of pocket knives are shorter than a pen.

Many cooks prefer using a pocket knife that is made by using impact-resistant and glass-reinforced nylon (GRN). Such material gives increased durability to your knife. And lastly, if you show extensive cleaning, maintenance, and sharpening commitment towards your pocket knife, then it will remain to perform on the best notes.

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