Are you a leather coat fan? Were you aware leather coats were originally intended for pilots in the army in the 1900’s? Plus, it could readily withstand high altitudes and day to day wear and tear, and which is the reason why the Distressed leather jacket continued to become a game-changer in fashion.

Synonymous with its own military background, the leather coat became a sign of childhood and brotherhood. It is a fashion statement in itself and is now a cult classic. The best thing about having a leather coat is that it is extremely versatile and this piece of garment may help make so many bold and exciting appearances.

Whether you are trying for a very simple coat to keep you cozy in a 70s punk look, a grade leather jacketis a perfect buy. But it may be overwhelming to navigate through the sheer amount of styles that a leather jacket comes in. But, take a little time and effort and find one which is appropriate for the body design and character. Here is a listing of some Ideas which will guide you in styling your own leather jacket for many occasions:


There is nothing sexier than the usual biker coat thrown carelessly over a whitened t-shirt. Complete this look with black sunglasses and day-old stubble. Mr. Alessandro Squarzi (graphic shared above) is really a style entrepreneur and Insta-gram icon who mesmerizes us with his utter visual appearance and simple style.
If you wish to boast even half of the masculinity and toughness exhibited by him, then it’s time to put money into a biker coat. Invest in brands such as Givenchy or even saint-laurent so that it can last you a lifetime. Start looking for details such as asymmetrical fastenings and a diagonal zip that has been initially employed by cyclists in order that they could block out the wind.

Certainly one of the biggest mistakes that men make when purchasing a leather jacket is always to attempt to save money. Rather than choosing some thing made from synthetic leather or a whole lot worse- shiny and cheap fabric, it is preferable to pay for a visit to the antique stores. The leather is more high priced by its nature, therefore if you can’t afford something costly right now, vintage could be the way to go. You’ll be shocked to observe the sum of excellent quality leather jackets gathering dust from second-hand stores.

Sometimes the hunt for locating the leather coat of your dreams is almost as much fun since wearing ! Keep in mind open and receive ready to use a few until you find the perfect jacket. For hints about buying a vintage leather coat read this article.

DRESS IT UP FOR A Cocktail-party

Who said that a leather jacket could be worn lightly? It might be a bit difficult to pull up the dressedup leather coat appearance, but it can surely be accomplished. While wearing a leather jacket to your formal work-related event or some Hollywood cocktail-party , stay glued to the principle’less is more.

Simply swap your jeans for pleated formal trousers and boots to get patent leather derbies. Replace your white or black t shirt with a crisp white dress shirt and then button up. To learn more inspiration see Dave Franco’s picture below:

Even though the bomber jacket was made for pilots along with cops, it is making a major fashion statement in 2013. Some men find it overwhelming to pull this off fearless look, however it might be done. Take inspiration from Joel Kinnaman, since he looks uber stylish in his Prepped-up bomber leather jacket look:

He made a leather jacket look like glossy as a elegant blazer. Instead of reaching out to get a traditional blazer, he modernized his sharp look by adding a timely leather staple.

If you should be looking for a more athletic and younger appearance, then a varsity jacket should be a perfect option. The iconic two-tone design of a varsity Custom motorcycle jacket often incorporates yet another material, such as silk. The contrasting stripes are a terrific way to add some spice into your own look. Plus, additionally, it appears thinner than a boring old hoodie. Here are a few inspiration to maintain your personality looking impeccable, wearing a varsity jacket.

Generally, varsity jackets are a bit baggy, which means you’ll need to enhance your shape by wearing a pair of slender jeans and a clean pair of coaches to rock the American Jock look.